Our Grand Canyon Exploration!

The Grand Canyon is definitely one of those “bucket-list” destinations. To those who haven’t been, the gigantic hole in the ground may seem well, less than exciting. I thought that the first time my family and I traveled out to Arizona my sophomore year of high school. It was not on my list of top destinations to see on our November vacation.

However, upon arrival, I realized how absolutely incredible that hole in the ground is. The organic layers of rock and the different elevations made me think about how this incredible feature of earth came to be. Our family actually took a mule ride around the rim of it, and let me tell you, those rides are not for the faint of heart!

Sweet little chipmunk people watching.

Anyways, as soon as we left, I kept wanting to go back!

About a month ago, Patrick and I got that chance to take a look at the beauty! We got up super early and drove up north from Phoenix to spend the day hiking down towards the Colorado River. We chose the Bright Angel Shale trail to embark on. It was supposedly 3.5 miles round-trip, but it felt like we hiked at least 8. The downhill hike honestly was not the easiest to our surprise. Hiking at strange, changing angles really started to take its toll on our legs and knees we got tired easily. We were really wanting some trekking poles about twenty minutes in!

Patrick and I towards the beginning of our hike–all smiles!

Patrick had never been to the Canyon so I was super stoked to get to show him this amazing landmark! He loves a good hike, so this trip was right up his alley!

As we hiked towards the turn around point, we began to see hikers, much older than us, handle the trail with ease–which gave us quite the boost of confidence mostly I needed. I love a good hike, but for some reason, the Bright Angel Trail was not in the least bit angelic. We definitely had a good time and it was fun to challenge our stamina!

My goofball.

We both wore workout clothes and shoes that were not the best choice. I unfortunately also omitted sunscreen–not my brightest idea. I was blessed with the worst sunburn I had received in several years.

All-in-all, we both had an amazing time and enjoyed each other’s company wandering around God’s green (in this case orange) earth!



  1. Chris parker

    Love the Grand Canyon. Makes me want to go back!

  2. Pat

    Mercy is there anything you can’t do . LOL

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