DIY Fall Centerpiece

Have you ever looked at something in a store and thought, “I could totally make that for half the price and make it look waaaaay better!” That’s me and I’m sure many other people as soon as we walk into a craft or home decor store. I’m not a cocky crafter, I just L-O-V-E crafting and my style of crafting! 

I’m usually pretty good at spending less on a project then I could buy it for. Sometimes…it just doesn’t go as planned. Also, when you make things yourself, I find that the quality is about 10x better than store bought. So that makes spending a little more ok, right? (Sorry, Patrick)

A couple of weeks ago Patrick and I were in Home Goods (shocker) and I saw this beautiful fall centerpiece made with untraditional fall colors like off-whites, pale greens and purples, and some darker greens thrown in as well. I pretty much begged Patrick to let me get it because it was only $20! 

They had a few different sizes of them but none were really what I was looking for. The centerpieces were gorgeous, just not quite the shape and size I needed. Our dining table is not the widest and I wanted something oblong and thin that wouldn’t take up much eating space. 

After a long, mental debate, we decided it was best for me to try to recreate one that would fit our needs. We walked out of Home Goods empty-handed.

The next day we went to Joann’s and Hobby Lobby to pick up some supplies! I got this beautiful galvanized planter that went perfectly with my decor, floral foam, a mix of various fall gourds, a long, dark green, leafy garland, pinecones, and some miscellaneous greenery. 

Side note, is anyone else loving non-traditional fall colors? They make me so happy!

Once we were home I began assembling my sweet little centerpiece! 

I started by placing two of the foam blocks in my planter. Then, I cut up all the steams and garland into more manageable pieces.

To begin assembling, I used the green leaves from the garland to fill in the bulk of the centerpiece since that is what I had the most of.

Once that was taken care of, I laid out my pumpkins, pinecones and my light green and purple leaves and decided how I wanted them arranged.

The pumpkins were a soft, foam-like material so I used skewers to stick them into the foam. You can also use hot glue. I just used the skewers because they felt more secure in the foam.

After that, I just stuck all the remaining leaves in and glued down the pinecones where there was empty space. I had a few larger leaves that didn’t have a stem, so those went around the rim of the planter.

I’m absolutely obsessed with how it turned out! The best part about it is that If I want to reuse this planter for a different season, I can! The faux leaves and pumpkins are just into the foam so I can just remove that. Then all I have to do is grab some more foam and decorate accordingly.

Sometimes DIY projects are going to cost you a little more than what you can buy them already made for. In my opinion, making them yourself is way more fun and you can personalize them in any way you want! 


  1. Pat Davis

    This is beautiful. How much?

  2. Wow! Yours is better than the original!

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